Transmission Repair

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Transmission Flush

Save gas mileage by having your transmission tuned up. That's right! Having your transmission tuned up can save you gas mileage.

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Transmission Repair Shop in Clarkston Mi

If your transmission needs repair or you think something may be wrong with it than you know that it needs to get fixed right away.  Since 1996 Clarkston Transmission has had only one objective, to produce only the highest quality transmission repair available.

We also understand that choosing which transmission repair shop to work on your vehicle is a daunting task. You know it’s important to choose the right repair shop because if you get a bad repair job it can cost you thousands more down the road. And you don’t want to make this costly mistake.

After 16 years in business and much feedback from our happy customer we wanted to remove the fear of choosing a good repair shop for you.

We could tell you how all our technicians are certified and that we are equipped with the latest computer scanners and diagnostic equipment. While all these things are true, they are not what makes us stand apart from our competitors.

There are other shops that have these things and will still do a poor job repairing your transmission. This is why it is so difficult to choose a quality repair shop.

What we have done for you is created a free consumer awareness report that will tell you all the dirty things that some other shops to to cut corners and save themselves money.

You will learn more about transmission repairs than you want to know—but will be guaranteed not to get ripped off and not overpay for your services. And you won’t have to talk to any pushy sales people trying to pressure you into using their shop.

At the end of the report is a checklist that you can take to any shop that you choose and ask if they do everything on the list. If they cannot than you know that you are not in the right shop.

You can click the “Get my free report” button on the side of this page or follow this link to learn about what is in our free report.

Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering if we are able to fix the transmission on your particular vehicle. We can. We specialize in transmissions and can repair any of them. This includes Classic, modern and foreign vehicle; commercial or personal.

Transmission are all we do and we do them well.