Transmission Flush and Tune up

Just like you need to change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles or so, you also need to change your transmission fluid. Reason one is that it never hurts to have fresh fluids in your vehicle. Fresh fluid and moving parts are a good thing. Your transmission is the most complicated part of your vehicle.

Second, your transmission has a filter that filters the fluid for the transmission. Over time these get clogged and need to be changed. This is when bad things can start happening to your transmission.

It’s important to know that your transmission has two filters. And they both need to be changed. In order to change the second filter the pan must be dropped. This must happen if you truly want to extend the life of your vehicle and eliminate mechanical failures—like your transmission.

There are places that don’t drop the pan and replace the second filter. This is probably the case when you see transmission flushes that are cheap. It’s a good idea to ask before you let them change your fluid.

How do I know when my transmission fluid needs to be changed?

You could always check it yourself. But the way we recommend is to have it checked every time you get your oil changed. They can tell you whether your fluid is bad or not. Don’t let them change it for you. That’s important. They are not going to drop the pan and replace both filters. But at least you’ll know that your fluid needs to be changed and you can take it to an appropriate place to have it done.

Another thing you have to watch out for is recycled transmission fluid. That’s right, fluid that was not good enough to work in someone’s car. It had to be changed. We don’t know what they do to it before they say it can work as transmission fluid again. But in our experience the recycled fluid breaks down quicker than new fluid and doesn’t lubricate as well.

In fact, one time we had to leave one of our suppliers because they changed ownership and promised that they were going to deliver the same quality product. As it turns out they switched it to recycled fluid and didn’t tell us. It didn’t take long before we figured out something was wrong when we started getting complaints.

Watch the video below for the whole story

We left the first scene of the video a little long. We were trying to get Warren our shop manager to get on camera all morning and we finally got him to tell the story about how the vendor was supplying us with recycled fluid.

We hope you enjoyed the video. If you have been told that your transmission fluid is bad and needs to be changed, you checked it yourself or you just want to know bring your car into Clarkston transmission and we will take a look at it for you.

When you get your transmission flushed here—we call it a tune up—we will do a thorough job, drop the pan replace both filters and we don’t use recycled transmission fluid.

Call us today and tell us what your problem is and we’ll come up with a solution.

Also you can download our free report “Dirty Secrets of Transmission Repair Shops”. This will give you some insider information about some of the dirty things transmission repair shops do to cut corners and save money. Not all shops are crooked and do these things but it’s good information to have if you need anything done on your transmission.

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